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Breaking: Perry's Downtown Moving to Steuart Street

Perry's Downtown is getting even downtownier, as the Sutter Street location of San Francisco institution (ish) restaurant will be moving to the southside of the FiDi to 155 Steuart Street, which just happens to be the current location of Faz Restaurant. First impressions here have the "old school watering hole" vibe of Perry's being a much better fit on the Steuart strip that already includes mid to upscale post-work drinking destinations like Ozumo and Mexico DF. The timeline, for now, is as such: the grand finale party at Perry's will take place on March 27, with the last day of service on Friday the 28th. They are expecting to reopen on Steuart Street in June '08. No word yet on when Faz, floundering by many accounts, will shutter.