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Public Enemies

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2008_03_lucebooth.jpgAttention restaurateurs and designers: kindly refrain from the growing urge to toss horseshoe booths in every corner, lest you incur the wrath of the otherwise-pleasant glossy city mags: "Add to this list my latest aggravation: horseshoe-shaped banquettes. Now, I love a cozy booth as much as the next girl, and in theory I appreciate the idea of the banquette because it allows a lot of people to share a table and still be able to converse. But a couple of new (and not-so-new) restaurants in town have the type of deep, large banquettes—flanked by giant, heavy tables—that are nearly impossible to get in and out of (Luce, Waterbar, Campton Place, the Ambassador— this post is for you)." Exhibit A: boom. [Bits+Bites]

Campton Place

Campton Place, , CA 94108