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EaterWire: Myth Closing Temporarily April 1, Scott Howard Joins Forces With Roland Passot and MORE!

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JACKSON SQUARE—As you may have noticed in the comments earlier this afternoon, an Eater Commenter discovered that Myth will be closing come April. The restaurant, this time around, confirms the temporary closure. The last day of service will be Saturday, March 29th, with the duration of the shuttering termed as "indefinite," for now. [EaterWire]

MARIN—Scott Howard—the man, not the restaurant—has already landed in a new kitchen, which just happens to Roland Passot's Left Bank: "Scott Howard, who recently closed his own restaurant in San Francisco, has landed in a kitchen closer to his Marin County home. As of yesterday, he's the executive chef at the Larkspur location of Left Bank (507 Magnolia), charged with making the brasserie's menu more seasonal." The bigger implications here for San Franciscans? Howard's involvement in the Presidio branch of Passot's Left Bank, which will be part of the upcoming Foggy Bridge Winery project. [Inside Scoop]

CASTROMaster shiller Cote Sud has a new head chef by the name of Pierre Smets: "After starting his career in the Caribbean and then working the past 10 years at Christophe restaurant in Marin county, Pierre decided to join Cote sud as of last month ... Pierre is very passionate about cooking and food. He believes that 'food makes people happy.'" Deepness. [Newswire]

CASTRO—Cote Sud isn't the only Castro restaurant with a sketchy recent history to get a newcomer, as Deathwatchee Mecca has hired Moises Sikaffy to right the ship as its new head chef, according to Mme. Tablehopper. Sikaffy was previously the executive chef at the gastronomically underwhelming duo of Park Chalet and Beach Chalet, and according to his bio on the Mecca homepage, is a fond collector of cookbooks. His new menu is here; cause for hope or cause for worry? [Hopstress]