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Yelp Wanted Bonus: Appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator, Satisfy Yelpers

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Just in case you needed more proof that some Yelpers are—how to put this nicely—not exactly the cultured type, look no further than the above combination of signs spotted in the Financial District. Quoth the photographer: "These are the two signs in the window of Krivaar Cafe on Pine. 'People love us on Yelp' next to 'Bag of Anything $1.' .... I can't think of a better visual representation of the idiocy of Yelp." We should also point out that Krivaar Cafe has four stars on Yelp, which is currently more than Orson, Le Club and Slanted Door, just to name three randoms. Clearly, more restaurants should be offering $1 bags of anything.
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