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Bartender Exchange

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2008_03_alemb.jpgThe bartender swap between Alembic and NYC's Death & Co. is underway. No reports of Phillip Ward's time in the Haight have surfaced yet, but rest assured that our local boy's doing just fine in the Big Apple: "We stopped in yesterday to try out a few Alembic cocktails and enjoyed a smoky sweet Macanudo (partida anejo tequila, apricot eau-de-vie, qi smoked black tea liquer and a dash of agave nectar) and a delightful Bees Knees made with lavender honey flown in by Thomas [Waugh] from SF. We asked Thomas how it was to be working as a guest bartender and he said that aside from learning the layout of the bar, all that's needed was a fresh supply of ingredients." [Alcademics, Savory Tidbits]

The Alembic

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