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EaterWire AM Edition: A16's Dogpatch Project Gets a Name, Daniel Boulud Comes to the West Coast

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THE DOGPATCH—Don't look now, but it appears as if the third restaurant from the A16 gang might—just might!—have a name. According to ABC records, Team A16 has applied for a liquor license for the 800 Minnesota Street location under the name of .... Urbino. Though it's possible that the name might only be a placeholder, it does fit with the Le Marche theme of the project. While we await official word, all other aspects of the Dogpatch Project can be had here. [ABC]

VANCOUVER—Despite some faint rumblings last year that one Daniel Boulud might venture into San Francisco, the man behind New York's Daniel (among others) has announced that he is indeed coming to the West Coast, though he's shunned the Bay in favor of Vancouver: "Mr. Boulud is the first major celebrity chef to open a restaurant anywhere in Canada. The news has sent shockwaves through the culinary community ... The new restaurant will be modeled after [DB Bistro Moderne] where he launched the world's most expensive hamburger." [Globe & Mail via Eater]


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