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Plywood Report: Introducing Fish & Farm's Fishbowl

The Plywood Report is the place to find news, notes and especially photos of the next generation of restaurants and bars around town. Notice something new in the works? Your sightings to the tipline, please.

Assuming the work gets done in time, the debut of The Fishbowl is very imminent. The brainchild of the Fish & Farm team and their new hotshot chefs Charlie Kleinman and Jacob Des Voignes, The Fishbowl will be not just be any old seafood bar, but in the tradition of F&F (and well, the Bay Area), it will be a West Coast sustainable seafood bar. The mini-spinoff is directly next to the restaurant, on the opposite side of the Hotel Mark Twain (see gallery). As for the 22-seat space itself, it's a small one, staying true to its name; first impressions have the design appearing to be influenced by the mothership next door, what with the teals and browns. Anticipated opening: sometime next week. Stay tuned...