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Eater Inside: Tiziano

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Jennifer Yin, 3/12/08

Opening a restaurant is, to the say the least, not easy by any means. This simple fact is further complicated when your new restaurant happens to be in the outer residential reaches of the city; such is the case with Tiziano, the new Italian restaurant in the Outer Richmond. Owned by the folks behind Breezy's and Hayes & Kebab (probably not a great sign either), Tiziano has done its best to transform the space that has seen several restaurants shuffle in and out lately, most recently the short-lived Karamanduka. The 50-seat restaurant now has a rustic Mediterranean vibe, thanks to a new paint job, ascetic tables, and of course, barrels. The menu favors Tuscany but strays elsewhere, but since opening three weeks ago, precious little has been mentioned about Tiziano on the various online sites, which isn't exactly encouraging in the grand scheme of things.