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First Look: The Sentinel, By Dennis Leary

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When this week's edition of the Inside Scoop spilled the beans on The Sentinel, the second restaurant project by Canteen's Dennis Leary, believe that the Eater Plywood Patrol was dispatched immediately to the corner of New Montgomery and Stevenson. Here then, the findings: an absolutely tiny space (very rough approximate: 10 x 12; see visual evidence above), work just begun, a perfect location for the FiDi breakfast/lunch crowd, and not a great deal of room for that potential outdoor seating. The current timetable is three months until Leary Countertop #2 opens for business; get excited.
· Rivoli pair to open second Berkeley restaurant [Scoop]


2816 Southeast Stark Street, , OR 97214 (503) 922-1858 Visit Website