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IndustryWire: Supes, GGRA Approve Menu Labeling

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A long time coming, menu labeling for San Francisco chain restaurants, also known as Supervisor Tom Ammiano's pet project, was unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors yesterday. The ruling is anticipated to affect over 200 local restaurants, ranging from the likes of McDonald's and Starbucks to Pomodoro and Chevy's. However, the big news is that Ammiano and Co. notched the approval of the protesty Golden Gate Restaurant Association, by increasing the chain designation from 15 to 20:

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association, a group representing San Francisco restaurants, initially opposed the bill, but withdrew its opposition after Ammiano agreed to changes ...

"There are some small local companies that will have a little more time to grow prior to being impacted by the ordinance," said Kevin Westlye, executive director of the restaurant association.

Those companies include San Francisco Soup Company, with 15 locations, and Andale mexican restaurant, with nine locations. Westlye estimated that the amendment spares about 25 restaurants, at this point, from having to label their menus. The menu labeling could cost business thousands of dollars in one-time costs, he said.
The new legislation is very similar to New York City's menu-labeling law, for which the restaurant association is currently suing the city, arguing that it helps no one and hurts businesses. As some have noted, the law can be considered a bit arbitrary—the example given: In-N-Out must label; Burgermeister up the street doesn't?—so we're curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Will the new law be beneficial to the city or will it just injure those businesses affected?
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