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Tyler Florence

2008_03_POLOtyflo.jpgThe Ralph Lauren of the food world, known until now as restaurateur-to-be Tyler Florence, dishes on his two new Bay Area projects: "The kitchen store is going to be called Tyler Florence Mill Valley. It's going to be not so much like what Williams Sonoma does for kitchen stores, but more like what Ralph Lauren does for fashion. So you're going to walk in to a very stylish place. We plan to open this May ... The restaurant is going to be called Bar Florence at the Hotel Vertigo. It's going to be as California as it comes. We want a destination place. I don't want to create a homogeneous, big city restaurant that could be in Philadelphia or Chicago and you'd not know where you are. I want people who come to San Francisco to taste San Francisco." Taste it. Know it. Live it. [Food Network Addict]