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EaterWire Midday Edition: Wine Bar Coming to Pier 39, A16/SPQR Dogpatch Project Still Nameless

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PIER 39—The city's most notorious tourist trap is getting a new wine bar, and capitalizing on the growing wine-tourist connection. Wine shop Wines of California has started the process of opening an adjacent wine bar, once again affirming the age-old adage that the fail safe method to milking the out-of-town dollar is to get them drunk. [EaterWire]

THE DOGPATCH—We briefly touched on the potential naming of the third restaurant from the A16/SPQR gang earlier this week, noting that Urbino was the DBA name submitted on the liquor license application. Alas, the official word is that "Urbino" is indeed a placeholder, but a candidate nonetheless. Nothing finalized just yet; patience. [EaterWire]

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