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Bauer Backlash

Not one to back down from a tiff, The Bauer addresses the masses who took exception to yesterday's four-star review of Michael Mina: "It never fails. I could write a template for disgruntled readers who are offended by the high prices and high-concept culinary techniques. If you want to know what I'm referring to, just look at the 60-some comments after my review went up on SFGate. The themes are universal: I'm elitist; people are starving, and paying a high price for a meal is frivolous; and the food isn't worth the price ... does it mean that because of all the social, economic and political problems we face that right-minded people should scrap the Opera, Symphony and Ballet? I don't think so. Culture isn't cheap; it's priceless." So there. [BauerBlog]