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False Starts: Candybar Likely Not Opening This Weekend

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Earlier this week, more than a few media outlets proclaimed Candybar to be opening this weekend, raising some eyebrows here at Eater HQ, because even though the arrival of the anticipated dessert lounge is rapidly approaching, we're not quite sure it's quite that imminent. The above photos were taken earlier this week, and from the looks of things, a debut in two days' time might be pushing it, since you know, it's still under construction and there's little finishing work done. Sidenote: earlier interior shots of the space itself can be had in Candybar's Plywood Report.
· Hello, Dessert Lounge: Introducing Candybar [~ESF~]

UPDATE 10:55: Candybar honcho Tan Truong confirms that the place won't open this weekend. He says they are now aiming for next Wednesday, but a lot depends on how a pair of big inspections (one today, one tomorrow) go, and of course, if the "finishing touches on the space" will be completed in time.