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EaterWire: Perry's Downtown Renamed, Anchor & Hope Ramps Up, Luisa Sale Finalized

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT—With a move down to the Embarcadero in the works, it seems only fitting that Perry's Downtown would go in another direction when it comes to its name, even though its location-to-be on Steuart Street might be able to be construed as downtown as well. Whatever the geography may entail, the liquor license application for the new location has the appropriate DBA being Perry's on the Embarcadero. See what they did there? [ABC]

SOMA—Venture the third from Team Rosenthal, Rosenthal and Washington might be closer than originally anticipated, as Anchor & Hope is already staffing up and currently looking at a mid-April debut: "The new 'Anchor & Hope' - an oyster bar/fish house - from the same people that brought you Town Hall and Salt House will be opening in mid-April. Unique urban turn-of-the-century warehouse, stunning design and energetic vibe will be paired with personable and skillful service." [Craigslist]

LUISALAND—Also nearing completion is Luisa Hanson's La Vinoteca on Union Street. From the Barleycorn Survivors: "After months of, um, delays, the Skipjack Sushi deal is finally going through. We're not at liberty to disclose much detail, but believe us: it was the usual story and then some. With all the financial arrangements now completed and a beer and wine license in place, it's only a matter of time before unsuspecting Union St. patrons will be able to enjoy the culinary delights that La Vinoteca no doubt will offer. Unless, of course, there are further 'delays' caused by the lack of building, plumbing, and electrical permits." [BS]