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Plywood Report: Asuka, Muracci's, Cask, and Much More

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And now, another edition of the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Notice something in your neighborhood? Do let us know. Bonus points and a four-star review from The Bauer if you include photos.

1) Union Square: Call this episode of the Plywood Report a Japanese curry-centric one if you must, because we've got a couple non-sushi newcomers on the way. Leading off is Asuka at 883 Bush; in the old Asuka Mart space near the corner of Taylor it will offer both ramen and curry. From the peeks over the paper, there's still plenty of finishing work to be done and appears to be a couple weeks out. [PLYWOOD]

2) Financial District: Just on down the hill on Kearny, we have new information on the new inhabitants of the space that recently housed the now-shuttered Kearny St. Pies: it's called Muracci's and will be a "Japanese Grill and Curry" restaurant. The good news is that the mass-produce sushi will be at a minimum, with the menu having items like bento boxes, teriyaki, tofu, salads and curry. [PLYWOOD, previously]

3) NoPa: Thanks to a diligent tipster and some undercover shots, we have our first look at the interior of On the Corner (exterior here, should you be so inclined), the jazz cafe going in on the corner of the Oak and Divis. Our (mostly non-)educated guess is that it could be nearing. Walls are painted and furniture looks to be ready to roll as well. Anyone with further info is very much encouraged to enlighten us. [Eater Inbox]

4) Financial District/SoMa Side: Several people have sent in various queries regarding Cask, the high-end liquor store from the Bourbon and Branch team. We're told the place—on 3rd Street between Mission and Market—is still at least some months away (there's no ETA yet). Lady Hopstress shared more deets on the place back in December, including its desire to "revolutionize the liquor store biz." [PLYWOOD]

5) Union Square: A tipster brings news of the nature of the elusive Candy Darling: "i popped my head into Candy Darling while the workers were working on the store and asked if it was going to be a restaurant or candy shop - Candy shop it is - but as the fellow didn't speak much english couldn't get any further information from him!" [Eater Inbox]