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Tyler Florence and the Golden Clogs

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2008_03_gclog.jpgTurns out that the real reason Tyler Florence skipped the 2008 Golden Clogs ceremony—and his acceptance of the Rocco Award for Worst Career Move—wasn't a "squid-related emergency" (!), but rather, he just doesn't really like that salacious Bourdain guy and thinks no one else does either. And Gordon Ramsay, be advised that he's not too happy with you either: "I think that salacious, chef attack thing that Gordon Ramsay and Tony Bourdain do all the time is a shtick. I think people are tired of hearing it. With Tony, it's like... those who can't teach, criticize [those who can]. I don't know what he does honestly. When it's all about ripping up another chef, you should rise above it." Sidenote: at the Golden Clogs, Bourdain did teach us that Applebee's is a great place to get cheap alcohol. [FAN]