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Eater Inside Society Edition: Le Club

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The regal socialite you see showcased above is the newest, flashiest addition to the Nob Hill scene, Le Club. The '70s nightspot has been reborn in its old space in the swanky apartment building at 1250 Jones that went on to house the likes of Charles Nob Hill and C&L Steakhouse. Todd Traina and Gina Milano's reservations-only restaurant/bar consists of four small rooms: the main bar area, a dining room, a lounge room and a (purple) billiards room. Daily Candy described the design as "your long-lost rich aunt's living room" and with all the marble, onyx, and velvet around, that description isn't far off at all. The kitchen completes the picture, matching the upscale classicism of the design by putting out items like fondue, caviar and lobster. Hate it or love it, Le Club is a place that knows exactly what it wants to be. We even spied mirrors on the ceiling and pink champagne on ice.

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