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Restaurant Evolution

Restaurant openings sure have changed a lot in fifty years, as evidenced by the 1958 opening ceremony for baseball legend Lefty O'Doul's eponymous Union Square restaurant: "Lefty O'Doul opened his at 333 Geary St. to considerable fanfare. Providing the fanfare was American Airlines which showed up with an old actor, Eddie Nugent, dressed in a coachman's uniform and carrying a trumpet, two hostesses, a box of dirt from home plate at the Polo Grounds, a box of sod from center field of the Polo Grounds and a press agent. Pan American Airlines showed up with two hostesses, a ribbon for ribbon-cutting and another press agent. Mayor George Christopher showed up with a pair of scissors for cutting ribbon and Lefty turned up with his partner Al Pollack. It was certainly a crowded picture. It was a clear victory for Pan American - primarily because girls who hold ribbons have to be in the front row, while girls who hold boxes of dirt can be shoved in the background." [Chron]