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BREAKING: Union Street's Bayside Bought, Going Upscale

This just in from the land of Cow Hollow: we have word that Bayside Sports Bar & Grill, shuttered since the beginning of February, has been bought by [a group of investors with the help of] boutique retail real estate brokerage firm Retail West. From the PR blast:

The first transaction, worth $6.875 million, was off-market and located on San Francisco's Union Street. The 14,199 square foot space was best-known as the home of Bayside Café, a popular San Francisco sports bar. Investors plan to re-tenant and improve the current bar space into an upscale dining experience. They are currently in talks with a key Bay-area restaurant group.
At this point, all involved parties are very mum on the exact identity of the "key" restaurant group, natch, so those with any knowledge on the situation—confirmed or rumored—are encouraged to share. But, as of now, upscale dining of some sort is coming to Union Street.
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