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Eater Inside: L'Ardoise

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It's no secret that San Francisco hearts its quaint neighborhood restaurants and the latest entrant on the bandwagon is L'Ardoise, Thierry Clement's ascestic French bistro in Duboce Triangle. Chef/owner Clement, who did time at Fringale, has turned the awkward Los Flamingos into a restaurant that should play well with the tree-lined, mostly residential street. Those who remember Los Flamingos will remember a long space on the bottom floor of a Victorian; L'Ardoise scatters approximately 40 seats amongst design elements like wood banquettes, baguette baskets, chalkboards and antique light fixtures. The place has apparently been packed since opening some weeks ago and the feeling we've gleaned from the buzz thus far is this: Duboce needs—and wants—a restaurant to work on that corner, so it's Clement's game to lose.

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