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EaterWire: Bourbon & Branch Expands, Starbucks Pays Up

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TENDERLOINCamper English has the goods on the long-rumored expansion of Bourbon & Branch, dubbed Russell's Room, plus some personnel changes at the speakeasy: "Taking co-management positions after Todd Smith's departure are Joel Baker and Yanni Kehagiaras ... Russell's Room, an additional private room built into the former barbershop next door, is scheduled to open in April." So will Russell's Room be "private" like Bourbon & Branch, private in an exclusive VIP way, or private in a reserved-for-groups way? [Alcademics]

CALIFORNIA—A day after buying Clover, Starbucks has been ordered to shell out over $100 million dollars after a judge ruled that the company unfairly required tips to be shared with bosses: "Superior Court Judge Patricia Cowett ruled Feb. 28 that Starbucks' shift supervisors were managers in the company, and therefore ineligible to be paid out of the tip jar. Today she assessed the damages: $86.7 million, plus 7 percent annual interest, for all servers - known as baristas - who have worked at any of the chain's 1,400 California stores since Oct. 8, 2000. Plaintiffs' lawyers said the grand total was $105.8 million ... Cowett also said she would issue an injunction prohibiting Starbucks from allowing shift supervisors to share in the tip pool, the company's practice until now." [Chron]

LA LA LAND—Meanwhile, on Tyler Florence's blog, the TyFlo media machine can't wait to be on television and uses exclamation points to convey his excitement: "Hi everybody! I'm going to be back on Extra! tomorrow night, Friday 3/21, and I hope you all can tune in. Check your local listings and get a peek at the VIP life from the 2008 South Beach Wine and Food Festival. My friend Lee Schrager puts on the world's greatest festival and Extra! and I are bringing it to your home to you this week! Enjoy, Tyler" [Tyler Florence]

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