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Deathwatch: Sens

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At long last, the Deathwatch Committee has finally decided to drop the stamp on Sens. See, the thing about Sens is that from Day One, way back in September, worrying reports have been steadily streaming in to the Committee. In fact, one prominent, local food editor even memorably predicted a lifetime no longer than three months, prompting routine spot-checks throughout the winter. Our findings over months of steady reconnaissance: obviously the place is never even close to full, and when a restaurant with the scope of Sens can accommodate large parties on Saturday nights ... with zero notice ... in its first month (we inquired), you know there's a problem turning tables. With the big exodus this week, the wheels started to wobble even louder on the Sens machine, and finally, the final vote of death: menu changes are reportedly on the way and our mole at yesterday's staff meeting had the owner telling everyone to deny any financial woes to the public: "We are wealthy and healthy." Oi. This is not going to end well at all. Fact.
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