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The Shutter: The Public to Close; Basil Canteen Moving In

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Down the corner of 11th and Folsom, quasi-trendy restaurant-lounge The Public has been sold and will be closing for good in mid-April. The team behind The Public will be focusing on their sister restaurant, which also serves Californian cuisine, but in Shanghai, China of all places (Alice Waters would be so proud). Interestingly enough, they plan to return to San Francisco in "three to four years," when rents will have tripled. The move is noteworthy not so much because of the largely-inconsequential loss of The Public, but more so because of the building it's housed in: the historic Jackson Brewery Building, still a dramatic beauty in its own right, and a space with tons of potential. Come May, moving into the 1489 Folsom space will be Basil Canteen, which is rumored to be of the Thai noodle ilk.