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Adventures in Fluff Pieces

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Suffice to say, Marin newspaper folk really enjoyed their time at Napa's new Oxbow Market and have the descriptive prose to prove it: "Imagine just about anything you'd like to eat, from a crisp organic apple to artisan-cured pastrami, from sustainably fished prawns to rotisseried heritage pork, from French duck confit to Venezuelan corn pancakes, California cheese to wine-infused chocolate, pizza piled with fresh organic vegetables to organic ice cream scooped on a piping-hot waffle. Dream of chasing your fantasy feast with every type of wine from California and around the world or a nonalcoholic soda made from wine grapes. Perhaps you'd rather have a cup of organic fresh-ground coffee or rare five-year-old fermented Chinese pu-erh tea. All this is ripe for guzzling at Napa's new Oxbow Public Market." [MIJ]