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Keller Dispatch: Portable Toilets and Al Fresco Dining Come Together at Bouchon

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Pictured above is the current scene in Yountville at Thomas Keller's Bouchon, which remains open (albeit with a limited menu) during its kitchen renovation. On the right, you have the trucks and construction crews dominating the parking lot, but what we really want to point out is the photo on the left that sees some highly dubious port-o-potty placement in the bakery's outdoor area. Now, far be it for us to criticize the Church of Latter Day Keller, but this is a scene that would raise eyebrows at any restaurant, let alone a Thomas Keller one. We have to believe that maybe His Highness should have opted to transplant the bathrooms to an area that, you know, isn't the outdoor dining area. The setting: a fresh, crisp Napa morning, complete with gourmet Bouchon goods, fresh gourmet coffee and the fine stench of stagnant gourmet urine wafting through the spring air.
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