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EaterWire: Panta Rei Expanding, Subway Hits Snag

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NORTH BEACH—Yesterday, the Planning Commission considered a request brought forth by Panta Rei to expand into the vacant space next door: "The proposal is to expand the existing 1,500 square-foot restaurant to occupy the adjacent existing storefront. The expanded restaurant would measure a total of 2,040 square feet." The decision is still pending and the planning gods will meet on the matter in two weeks. Seeing as how the city has already shot down North Beach proposals like a wine bar and yogurt shop, will even more subpar Italian food be allowed? [EaterWire]

HAYES VALLEY—Speaking of the supes, it looks like that Subway on Market Street (next to CAV and Zuni) has run into some stumbling blocks of its own. It needs a conditional use authorization, and being in a chain in San Francisco, things aren't looking good for Jared's Joint. The preliminary recommendation is disapproval; like Panta Rei, the case has been pushed back to the April 3rd meeting. [EaterWire]

THE MARINA—For being one of the more gentrified neighborhoods in town, the Marina/Cow Hollow stretch sure has seen an awful lot of low health inspection scores. The latest on the list is Izzy's Steak and Chops, which scored a ravishing 42 out of 100. Highlights of the violations include: "VERMIN - Rodents/Roaches/Flies; Floors, Walls, Ceilings Improperly constructed, in disrepair, not clean; Improper Storage/ Identification/ Use of toxic substances; and Lack of Food safety knowledge: no food safety certification." On the bright side, reservations are still available for tonight. [EveryBlock]