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Plywood Report FEMA Edition: Lola Moves Into a Mess

A full Plywood Report is on the way later today, but for now, feast your eyes on the interior destructoporn at 1358 Mason, giving new definition to the term "restaurant fixer-upper." A little background on the space—which, in the right hands, can be a classic, quaint Russian Hill one, to be sure: until fall, it housed a Chinese joint called Fortune Wok, but at the turn of the calendar year, it changed hands and ABC applications have the restaurant-to-be called Lola. Fortune Wok finally moved out this week, leaving the place in ruins, so one would assume that work on Lola will begin soon (sooner the better with that mess; at least it's a small space), and hopefully coinciding with the construction, the nature of the restaurant will be revealed. Operators are standing by.