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Local Motion

2008_03_lillocal.jpgIn this week's edition of Pizza Friday, Michael Bauer—being the coy minx he is—drops some juicy teasers about his upcoming Sunday review of Local: "Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant may be the coolest pizza parlor in the Bay Area. Opened by Ola Fendert, who also owns Oola, this Rincon Hill restaurant is a place for all tastes ... Want more? You can read my review of the rest of the Local experience on Sunday in Chronicle magazine." So, who wants to place some wagers on some BauerBetting? The odds have a glowing 2.5 stars as the most likely scenario, but Bauer appears quite taken with Local—e.g., the "fully realized eclectic menu" and "terrific" desserts—so Eater is rolling the dice and taking a tres for Ola. [BauerBlog]