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The Joys of Luisa: Storefront Ads Reach New Heights

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According to the always-thinking-green Luisa Hanson, both La Vinoteca (above, via tipster) and Pompei are hoping to open in "maybe one or two weeks," so expect the next couple weeks to be a busy, busy time for Luisa watchers, though take the dates with a grain of salt. For now, we'd like to point out the storefront eyecandy going on at La Vinoteca (to be precise, in the lower right hand corner of La Vinoteca). Now, not only is a) the torn newspaper curiously placed in the least visible spot possible, but b) the unrelated "Think Green" section has been preserved, and c) the actual ad showcases quite the misleading Luisa visual, taken a lifetime ago, seeing as how this is what she looks like now. Brace: should openings actually occur in the next two weeks, this should be fun.
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