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Eater Hospice: Avenue G Offers Four-Day Happy Hour

Here then, an update from Eater Hospice, wherein we track the painful demise of Deathwatched restaurants to their final resting place.

Deathwatchee Avenue G was admitted into hospice care way back in late October, and despite averaging 0.11 diners per night*, the place continues to slowly and sickly trudge along through the infirmary, though somehow outlasting predictions and avoiding the deathbed. But don't get too hopeful, because in the last five months, Avenue G has manifested just about every Deathwatch symptom sans any remission. The latest: over the weekend, a tipster sent word that the Deathwatchee was offering Happy Hour prices during all NCAA Tournament games, a sure sign of panic for a bar, let alone a restaurant, let alone a restaurant offering a tasting menu more expensive that Danko. Now, for those unaware, from Thursday to Sunday, the tourney games more or less started everyday around 9:30am and lasted well into the evening hours. In other words, Avenue G just offered a happy hour that lasted a solid four days and will do the same again this weekend. Tick, tick, tick ...
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*Eater Estimate