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"Why Are You Hated?"

After Zachary's was voted the second best pizza in America—a dubious claim, yes, but that's not the point here—a rep from the Oakland institution is (awkwardly) asked about the polarizing effect and flat-out hate of Zachary's: "I could only speculate as to why anyone would waste energy being passionately against any pizza restaurant let alone Zachary's ... I think that some of this 'passion' you refer to comes from the increasing competition of our industry. The fact is that when we opened 25 years ago, there was very little competition in the SF Bay Area, especially in the 'upper-scale' pizza market. In the last 10-15 years, it has become downright fierce, with good pizza places opening up all over the place. I've learned the unfortunate reality that competition can bring out both the best in people, and the worst in people. Some of the, how should I say, 'less complimentary' comments on some of the pizza blogs are a testament to that." [Epi Log]