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The New Black?

2008_03_uvasm.jpgThe buzz continues to heat up surrounding Uva Enoteca, the Haight Street Italian eatery/wine bar due to arrive in a few short weeks. The latest has Uva partner—and Batali vet—Boris Nemchenok doing an interview interview with 7x7, where he dishes on what it was like to work under Molto Mario at Otto ("It was a little different because of the media aspect—I'd start my mornings working with the PR team and prepping the staff on the day's visitors ... Then we'd get cooking.") and the role he envisions Uva playing in the local dining scene: "We want an all day eatery, where people can come have panini and antipasti or an espresso or a glass of wine any time of day until midnight." More on Uva can be had here. [Bits + Bites]