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EaterWire: Chef Carousel Continues at PlumpJack, Performance Food Comes to Town and More!

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All news fit to run goes in EaterWire. Your tidbits, sightings and rumblings accepted.

THE MARINA—Following Tyson Greenwood's departure from the premises in February, PlumpJack Cafe announced they wanted to revert to its classic roots, and now they've found a new executive chef named Rick Edge. Lady Hopstress put on her detective cap and did the digging on his background: "... he has worked under chef Ken Oringer while at Silks and Clio in Boston, with chef Laurent Gras as a sous at Peacock Alley in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, and with Michael Mina as a sous at Aqua ... Most recently, he was at the Culinary Center of Monterey as executive chef instructor of the junior and senior class, and was executive chef of Lattitudes Restaurant in Pacific Grove." [Tablehopper]

SOMA—This morning's Daily Candy brought with it news of Open, a restaurant with dirt tastings and water wafting. We've said it before, but seriously: only in the Bay: "Thanks to Open, a new "performative restaurant" debuting Friday at New Langton Arts, the genre is getting a second act. Chez Panisse cook/artist duo Jerome Waag and Sam White are bringing activists, farmers, educators, and folks who dig good grub together for a multifaceted three-courser. For the first soil-themed show, the meal begins with a dirt tasting by artist Laura Parker. Sniff a variety of earths swirled with water then taste raw vegetables like favas from Tairwa-Knoll Farms grown in each of the soils. Next, the meal is cooked on stage." More info can be had on the official website. Hippies! [Daily Candy]

OAKLAND—On pretty much the exact opposite end of the spectrum, the Oakland A's are offering—wait for it—All You Can Eat tickets: "The bloated innards of Oakland's McAfee Coliseum will be filled with happy gorging bleacher bums this summer as the soon to be Fremont A's offer up their take on the latest 'innovative marketing' idea to hit MLB. Hey corndog fans, have you ever craved "All You Can Eat" seating sections? ... I know previous dollar hot dog nights in Oakland have long been an insanely popular tribute to the Bay Area's reputation for gustatory excellence & impeccable taste, and if they throw in those nasty Nachos & bottomless Mountain Dews? now yer talking." [MetBlogs]