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Plywood Report: Mission Pie's Corner Bakery Expansion

More than a few people have inquired about the corner activities afoot on Mission and 25th, and a reader sends along word that it is the expansion of noted cafe, youth program and pie monger Mission Pie. As we understand it, the pie folks are installing a kitchen to make pies on-site (they have a supplier now) and will move the cafe to the corner space. From the Mission Pie website: "Soon, probably in early April, you will be able to sip your coffee while gazing at the happening scene on Mission St. Construction will continue in the back part of the building, and after another 4 or so months, we will unveil? drum roll please? a baking and cooking kitchen to offer pie and so much more." The forecast for the Mission: more pie, less booze.
· Mission Pie [Official Site]

Mission Pie

2901 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 282-1500 Visit Website