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Rumors of Schofield's Atlanta Gig Not Quite Accurate

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Back when we reported the departure of opening exec chef Vincent Schofield from the months-old Kabuki Kitchen, the restaurant told us directly that the Boulevard veteran left to take a job in Atlanta (the city), but now, an animated note from a tipster—definitely not Schofield himself, should you be wondering—suggests that rumors of Georgia were greatly exaggerated. Now, take it with a grain of salt, since there's definitely some bias at work here, but it's safe to say that the Kabuki Kitchen's high-profile flop of a reopening may have been even more of a shitshow than seen from the public eye:

Chef Schofield did not take a gig in Atlanta ... He quit after upper management put there head so far up there ass that they could no longer see the vision they once had ... Sundance has gone from what they said was a self standing establishment to an amenity to the theatre and they plan to cookie cut the rest of [their] establishments...
So, if he's not in Hotlanta, what's Vincent Schofield up to these days? Glad you asked:
Chef Schofield is alive and well and consulting around the city... He is going to be revamping a local diner that has been in SF for almost 50 years and turn it into a canteenesque establishment ... For now he's helping a friend at Liberties Bar on 22nd and Guerrero and doing some killer pub food.
The thought of the unnamed, revamped, "Canteen-esque" diner is downright juicy (could this be the project in question?), but in the meantime, an announcement: Kabuki Kitchen, and/or Sundance Cinema overlord Robert Redford, should like to pen a response, the floor ... is yours.
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