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The Curious Case of Zagat's Disappearing Colicchio Joke

Kindly do not insult this overpriced sandwich shop.

Yesterday, Zagat innocently wondered how well Tyler Florence's upcoming restaurant would play in San Francisco, and in the process, tagged 'wichcraft as the example of failed celebrity restaurants: "Whether the former New Yorker will be able to win over the locals or will find himself struggling to make his mark like Tom Colicchio with 'wichcraft, only time will tell."

Not soon thereafter, a tipster sent word that Zagat actually deleted the Colicchio line, and sure enough, the line—along with any 'wichcraft mention—is completely gone. The lesson here: thou shalt not speak ill of the Colicchio Empire, and those that do will suffer the consequences, so if you don't hear from us for a while, you'll know he's gotten to us too. (And yes, we're also wondering how Rick Bayless has by and large escaped criticism for Frontera Fresco here.)
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Please do share your thoughts on 'wichcraft and Frontera Fresco, either in the comments field or straight to us. Are they actually failures or just getting a bad rap?