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EaterWire: Last Day for Perry's, Team Cyrus' New Project

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Right this moment and lasting into the evening hours, Perry's Downtown is tossing its grand finale party in its last day of downtown service. Tomorrow, it will shutter and prepare for the move down the hill to Steuart Street. Bonus unconfirmed rumor: we hear there are special bon voyage t-shirts. No, really. [EaterWire, previously]

HEALDSBURG—Not only are Cyrus owners Douglas Keane and Nick Peyton installing that bakery next door to their prized restaurant, but now, they have taken over the Healdsburg Bar & Grill: "The restaurant, which has a dining patio with bocce court, has been closed for minor renovations and will re-open in mid-April with new lighting, a restored wood floor and banquette seating. The basic concept — a family-friendly, casual dining spot — will stay the same and prices will be comparable. The menu will offer build-your-own burgers, thin-crust pizza and fresh salads to go with the cold beer on tap ... It will be similar to their casual St. Helena restaurant, Market, but without the white tablecloths." [SRPD]

MARIN—After cycling through five chefs in six years, San Anselmo's Fork appears to have found some stability in Nathan Lockwood's upscale, seasonal Italian menu, or at least enough to warrant a fluff piece in the newspaper: "[Owner Charles] Low says business has picked up since October, when Lockwood started. The reason, he explains, is that people feel at home with Italian food." [MIJ]

POLITICAL ARENA—When the Olympic torch comes to San Francisco on April 9th, there will be some angry ice cream men here too. In caravan form! From Slashfood: "Ben and Jerry's is sending a caravan to that city to intercept the torch. The move is intended to bring attention to China's involvement in Sudan. The hope is that the three vehicle convoy, which each carry a replica of the Olympic torch and sport mobile billboards, will put a spotlight back on the troubled Darfur region." [Slashfood]