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Eater Inside Sneak Peek: Uva Enoteca

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Even though Uva Enoteca isn't scheduled to open for another few weeks, the interior is pretty much ready to go. As the brainchild of Batali vet Boris Nemchenok and Ben Hetzel (Dining Room at the Ritz), the casual Italian eatery/wine bar will feature an all-day menu of panini and antipasti, along with a wine list that will eventually surpass 200. Last we checked, the entire place is still behind psychedelic plywood, but for your visual enjoyment, The Yin managed to get inside for a little preview. Uva Enoteca's 49-seat space comes in several parts, all showcased above. Upon entering from Haight Street, it's easy to see how the place was inspired by 'inoteca; there's a small lounge area with banquette seating and several two-tops. Moving deeper into the room, you pass a marble bar en route to the brick-walled dining room in the rear. For a compare/contrast, check out the December photos to behold the three-month evolution of a restaurant space.