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EaterWire: Earth Hour Weekend, Bar Protests in SoMa

SAN FRANCISCO—Remember the last time the city turned out its lights for an hour? Originally, PlumpJack restaurants weren't on the list of participants, even though the Lights Out promotion was in many ways Newsom's baby. Well, this weekend marks Earth Hour, and the PlumpJackers passed along a special email to assure us that all of their restaurants will be participating in the festivities, along with a smattering of other local restaurants like Lark Creek Steak, Chaya and Boudin. More reading on the ways to save the world Saturday evening here. [EaterWire Inbox]

SOMA—In a bit of drama fit for Jerry Springer, a feisty, asthmatic and possibly homophobic old lady is at war with a bar slated for her Folsom Street neighborhood: "Work on the new bar space subsequently began, with the build-out nearing completion this winter. But then Jakkee Bryson, who lives on Dore Alley across the street from where the new bar space is, threw a wrench into the process ... In her appeal of the Hole in the Wall's permits, Bryson wrote that the bar would be 'very disruptive to the neighborhood' as another gay bar, the Powerhouse, is only several doors away. Bryson also claimed that the bar owners need to conduct an environmental impact report prior to relocating." Please, won't someone consider the environmental impact? [BAR]