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Plywood Report: Udupi Palace, Nopalito, Tribute, MORE!

Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants to grace our fair city. Spot something in your nabe? Let us know. Bonus points and a Mint Plaza orange chair for including photos.

1) The Mission: Directly above, behold the first glimpse into the great Indian cuisine wars of '08 on Valencia and 21st. Now that Firecracker is history, Udupi Palace is moving in, overhauling a good portion of the Valencia space, and hoping to open within a month. It's going to take quite the effort to dethrone the ever-popular Dosa as the king of the hill, but that's why the game is played, yes? [PLYWOOD]

2) NoPa: While Snack Bar rises in the Mission, Laurence Jossel of Nopa is also looking at another project a little closer to home: Mexican quick service restaurant Nopalito in the Oak/Broderick complex that also houses Peet's, Faletti Foods and DeLessio. Also, rumor has it that some residents of the building aren't exactly thrilled that a Mexican restaurant is invading their homes; they do know that the Jossels can do no wrong, right? Current due date: end of summer. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

3) The Fillmore: The nature of the inheritor of the former Powell's Place space at 1521 Eddy, Tribute Restaurant, is still largely unknown (aside from the signage), but a look at the interior above reveals that the place remains a work in progress, and it's not entirely clear if the junk from the prior resident is gone yet. [PLYWOOD]

4) North Beach: Last week, we shared the expansion plans of Panta Rei, and now we have the vacant storefront that the cafe/restaurant wants to move into. The 2,000 square-foot space used to be a shoe repair shop, and like so many others in North Beach, has been vacant for months and months. [PLYWOOD]

5) Pacific Heights: Just up the Fillmore hill, Long Bar and Bistro is rapidly approaching its opening date. In fact, the Plywood Patrol feels comfortable upgrading Long Bar into post-plywood status. The bar is finished and polished, light fixtures are in, tables are set up. Stay tuned. [POST-PLYWOOD]

6) The Mission: Last but not least, we have a special treat: mystery plywood! A tipster send along the final shot in the gallery above, of the former Bistro Annex space at 1136 Valencia, between 22nd and 23rd. It would appear that a fresh coat of plywood is donning the facade. Anyone have the scoop? [PLYWOOD]


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