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Fro-Yo Backlash

2008_03_nojub.jpgWe've heard many a complaint about frozen yogurt (and its bandwagon), but none quite as scathing/entertaining as this indictment of the Fillmore's Jubili: "To me, sour + cold tastes like a sharpened ice pick digging into the largest nerve in my back molars. It tastes like rusty nails, shrieking and scratching across a black chalkboard ... Ain't nobody that I know who can call yogurt with Lucky Charms, Cap'n Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles "healthy" as Jubili does on its website. Call it like it is! At least people from the South admit that a deep-fried twinkie might not be the most healthy of options." And ... scene. [Passionate Eater]