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The Joys of Luisa: Mega Plywood Gallery Edition

And now, a special super episode of The Joys of Luisa. Since two of Luisa Hanson's three current projects are nearing completion, we thought it a good time to share some updates on the trio of battle fronts. Said updates are mostly self-evident in the exclusive interior shots above, but on the surface, Union Street's La Vinoteca remains the closest to completion, though Pompei—in the old Front Room space on California/Larkin—is supposed to open at the same time, which according to La Hanson, is any week now (salt, grain). Meanwhile, the old John Barleycorn, a.k.a. Duffy's, has been gutted and it looks like work has just begun on the reconstruction; it won't open with the others. Breathe easy, Barleycorners.
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As always, your Luisa tales and anecdotes are very much welcome at the TJoL Hotline.