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Launches & Releases

2008_03_ud.jpgThe introductory edition of UrbanDaddy SF made the rounds this morning, making another daily newsletter poised to challenge the likes of Thrillist and Daily Candy for faux-elite, "in-the-know" supremacy. Following NYC, LA and Vegas, why pick San Francisco as the next target? "It's also safe to say that a city that attracts this many creative mavericks, parties like it's 1969 and throws a mean street fair deserves a little (free) love. And we have plenty for the easy pace and throwback vibe of San Francisco. Not to mention the sparkling blue Bay waters. We left our heart there a while ago—which is why it's with great pleasure that we launch UrbanDaddy San Francisco, to uncover the best the City by the Bay has to offer." [UD]