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EaterWire: Ti Couz Adds Seats, BART Cracks Down on Coffee, GGRA Gaining Support, More

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THE MISSION—Sidewalk-blocking construction is well underway at Ti Couz, where the 16th Street creperie has scrapped its old outdoor seating area and is installing a new one. The new patio, slated to be done within weeks, will afford more seats and will "make the place look better." We particularly enjoy the orange spray paint, you? [EaterWire Inbox]

BART STATIONSPeet's might be coming to BART stations, but the BART people don't seem thrilled about it, and will begin to crack down accordingly: "BART officials are making it more convenient to buy food and beverages at its stations, but eating or drinking once inside the fare gates is a legal no-no that could lead to fines and forced community service. 'BART police officers will ticket riders who eat or drink in the paid area, which we define as the places where you need a ticket, such as inside the fare gates of a station, on platforms or on any train,' BART Police Chief Gary Gee said today. Those who defy the ban could be cited for an infraction and face penalties of up to a $250 fine and 48 hours of community service." [Chron]

SAN FRANCISCO—And yet another update from the gathering storm clouds surrounding the April 17th Healthy SF hearing. The latest is that the GGRA and the restaurants are gaining lots of support: "At least nine groups have submitted briefs to the U.S. Court of Appeals, urging judges to halt mandatory business payments to a program designed to provide coverage to as many as 82,000 uninsured adult city residents. Groups including the National Federation of Independent Business, the California Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers and U.S. Department of Labor have written the court, arguing that the city's health plan is superseded by a federal law, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which restricts local governments from administering employee benefits." [BizTimes]

FOOD TV LAND—In an interview with US Weekly, disgraced Food Network star Sir Robert Irvine insists he still has fans (false) and thinks he can have another television show (probably also non-fact): "Though he lost his show and canceled plans to open two restaurants in Florida, the married star still has his fans. 'I've had thousands of e-mails supporting me, and I am truly grateful,' he tells Us. Next up? 'Maybe another TV show. I have a couple of things in development,' he dishes, including doing more charity work with the military (he once schooled U.S. Navy chefs). [US Weekly, via YumSugar]