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Spotted on Sutter Street: Look Who's Starting to Move In

A tipster sends along word that work is ready to commence on the transformation of the Empire Plush Room to Bar Florence, and to prove it, a bit of new signage is now adorning 940 Sutter Street. We have a feeling that fact that Tyler Florence's name itself—i.e., not the restaurant's name—is front and center is just the beginning of the epic TyFlo adventure of summer '08; what are the odds the man's chiseled face makes an appearance on the facade of the restaurant? Also, we still aren't entirely clear on what neighborhood this stretch of Sutter Street is technically a part. The closest we can surmise is the Tendernob, since it's a bit removed from Nob Hill, Union Square, and (as amusing as it would be) the Tenderloin. Any geography majors care to chime in?
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