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Ghirardelli Rising: Marché May Hold the Key

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Now, when it comes to the rejuvenation of Ghirardelli Square, there's no question that Gary Danko's second restaurant—full Plywood Report here—will be the star of the show. After all, the Danko Deuce (or Restaurant Gary Danko, Jr. or whatever you want to call it) has already been christened the best new restaurant of the year in many circles. But when it comes to winning over locals in Ghirardelli, Marché on the Square might be just as important. The two-tiered complex will feature a gourmet grocery-type market on the ground floor, with a wine bar and brasserie above. The key factor for locals here? The market part. If Marché can make itself a destination grocer along the lines of a Dean & DeLuca, the allure of Ghirardelli will start to look brighter from nearby neighborhoods. Current due date: May.
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