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EaterWire AM Edition: Mission Gets Namaste, Soluna Sold

THE MISSION—Missionites will have yet another to cafe at which to congregate when the Namaste Cafe opens in the former bodega space on the corner of Lexington and 19th, right across the street from the Lexington Club. Details are still murky, though according to one random source, it's going to be of the health food ilk (note: unconfirmed). Also curious: the name on the liquor license is the same as the one on the liquor license for Plywood vet Picogel on Folsom. Hm. [EaterWire]

CIVIC CENTER—It's official: the sale of semi-popular (but clearly not popular enough) City Hall/Hastings watering hole Soluna is now a done deal. The new owners will rename it Civic, and slowly make the change to an organic food restaurant. There will be no closure, but rather a gradual evolution. New signage is on the way, along with other changes, like an outside patio area and a live band. The transformation is expected to be complete in two months or so. [EaterWire, previously]