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The Shutter: Scott Howard Officially Gone For Good

Time runs out for Scott Howard;

Not even the prospect of installing a communal table proved enough to save Scott Howard, as the restaurant that went on a "temporary" hiatus about a month ago has now told The Bauer that it will not reopen as originally hoped. From the BauerBlog:

I got the following email from owner Scott Howard:

"It is with much disappointment to report to you that SCOTT HOWARD will not be reopening, After many discussions and careful thoughts it was determined the best move would be to sell the restaurant and move on."

Howard went on to say that he plans to stay in the Bay Area, and that he was pursing several options.

Though Bauer can't quite put his finger on why exactly Scott Howard failed ("anyone's guess"), we'll venture to say that the neither-here-nor-there location played a large role, which in turn made the lesser shortcomings (service, price) all the more prominent. The good news is that Howard says he'll stay local, which means we've got a talented chef waiting to land somewhere. Churn that rumor mill, people.
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