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Requiem for a Moose: Iconic Sign Coming Down April 1

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The neon sign, coming soon to Ed Moose's garage. [Photo: Flickr/in2jazz]

Now that the news of Moose's impending transformation into Joey & Eddie's has begun to sink in, we realize that the biggest loss here isn't so much the actual restaurant—for all intents and purposes, for better or worse, Ed Moose's old-school joint passed away years ago—but rather, the iconic signage overlooking Washington Square Park. According to the Chron, it's coming down on April 1 and being given to the Moose family. Now, we can't think of many other restaurant signs in town that could be considered iconic, which brings us to this question: how do you feel about the end of Moose's? Are you glad that Joseph Manzare is opening a "family-style Italian restaurant" in the space? Or is North Beach already too insignificant on the dining landscape to warrant an opinion either way?
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